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Not too Long ago I attended a Preview Event for an inovative new hair styler, (well 3) Releasing into the Market This Month! 

These are three Unique stylers which havent been seen before! The Extremeity Heated Rollers , The Encode Totem Styler and The Amplifiying Jumbo Waver!

I went to the Event with the Gorgeous Jessica From StarVioletBeauty, and when We got there, we were sat down and Given a Full briefing on all of the Info about the stylers!

I wont tell you too much about it all now, as I will be writing Review Posts on the individual Stylers So you can find out about them then :)

We were taken into another room where we could sample the stylers and have our hair done by the really friendly hairdressers! One point I must make is that Enrapture has One of the most Friendly PR People I have come across! Anywho, I really wanted to have my hair styled but It was stiff with hairspray, So I just watched Jessica Get hers Done! 

They did let me have a play around with the Manequin head things, and also showed me how to do it :D 

I will be doing reviews of The products over the days to come, so You may see a few enrapture posts popping up now and again So watch this space :)



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