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I remember mixing up lots of colours at the destination S event Ages ago and was wondering when these little pots of magic would come out... Well they were in pots when We were mixing them, so I had the assumption that they would be in a little jar... Like actuall paint! But thank god its in these neat little tubes, otherwise it would really be all over my walls....

So Onto the actualy product.. oh and by the way I only have the One, so There wont be any mixing going on.. The pout paints are super pigmented, as im sure you have read in every other post.. and do stain your lips so you need a tiny amount of product to get you going...
This Tiny amount of Product Shall Spread to....
So as you can see.. a tiny bit really does go a long way!! 
You can also adjust the depth and intensity of the Colour by applying it lightly or heavier.. whatever tickles your fancy :)
And after scrubbing with a makeup wipe, then makeup remover.. my hands are still stained.. so you can see the effect it has! 
I might be mixing some of this with my carmex to get a tinted lip balm type of thing.. and if I get anymore I will surely do a mixing post :) 
Will any of you guys be getting these.? Have you alreayd tried them? What dya think?



  1. hi!
    i have just done a mini haul with my new sleek pout paints!!
    i love them! not tried to mix them yet but will be soon!

    great blog by the way!

  2. Ive read about these before, and they sound sooo promising! :) I would def try it out as soon as I either purchase online or find them in a store where i live..

    Im hoping to find a bit more orangey/coral shade, but this one is stunning too! :)

  3. Btw, yes, you should def do a mixing posts if you get more ;)

  4. I love these paints...though i haven't tried yet but they are so tempting...

  5. I cheekily picked one of these up in Pinkini after my mini Primark spree! Ssh! xx

  6. I think i'm going to get a few of these, great for long nights and events! I like the little nozzle that it comes with i think that's good in keeping it sanitary and what not (:

    By the way you have a blog award waiting for you!

    I hope your keeping well,
    Sheniz xxx


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