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You have probably seen Bucket Loads Of These Posts So Il try and keep it short and Sweet! 

First of all... I Bloody Love this Brush! Its blends my foundation like a Dream, and this Finished effect is smooth, and very well blended... Depending on the foundation slightly airbrush if I dare say... This doesnt go for all foundations, as I Find it doesnt apply the Matte foundations as well as the MAC 157, So I wont be saying goodbye to that brush.. But for The more wet ones if I can say it blends it really nicely! For instance my Illamasqua Skin base..

With the 157 (Duo fibre) brush i find it really difficult to get it into the nooks and crannies in my face... (Nose+Eyes) as its quite soft but this brush is really densly packed and it does those areas well...

As for shedding... Well it has shedded a little... (15-20 hairs) since I got it.. Including washing and doesnt shed much anymore so id say its not too bad..

Its really Easy to hold as the handle is not too fat or too thin (Which i hate) and the lenth is just right!

As for it Being Flat top...

I can confirm It 100% is :)



  1. I realllllyyyy wanna get one of these brushes! I love the buffed in foundation effect that dense brushes give, they make it look really natural. I currently use the ELF powder brush which is a similar design :)

  2. this brush is on top of my wish list...thanx for review

    new follower i wouldd love if u follow back

  3. This may be my next brush purchase! Does it clean well?


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