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This Originally Started out to be an Oh so Special Review/Swatches, But theres been so many of those around that I just thought No one would read it! 
I then Became bored so Took out all my sleek palettes and started playing with them, only to notice so many similarities with The Oh so special palette and the Avoir A La peach palette...

Below is the Oh so special palette... 

And The Avoir A La Peach Palette
As I was looking at the Palettes, there were a few colours that Looked very Similar in the pan, so i thought Id swatch them and see how they compare! (Oh and Sorry there are no Names on the peach palette, But I just did not have the Time to Edit the Pics)

First up.. BOW from the OSS palette, and The white in the corner of the AALP palette...
Very Similar as you can see! If they were single Eyeshadows then I would Deffinatly Have one or the other! I think that goes to say for all of the ones I am about to show you :)
 The above Top colour is The third from the Top On the AALP palette and the Bottom is also the third from the top row on the OSS palette (Ribbon).
I think Ribbon Is sliiiightly More peachy than the one above, but its so slight you cant even notice!

 The top Swatch is the Colour on the Bottom Right hand Corner of the AALP palette, and the bottom swatch is Wrapped up On the OSS palette! They are slightly Similar, but Wrapped up a little more intense and has more purple undertones, although it cant be seen in this picture! 

The left hand Side swatch is gateau from the OSS palette and the right hand side swatch is the First top colour on the AALP palette. In pan form they both look very similar, as you can see above, but once swatched they are very different and I love both colours!! 

 And Last but not least... The light Pinks...On the left is pamper from the OSS palette, and On the right is the second on the top row of the AALP palette... they're both very light and so similar that you wouldnt be able to tell!

I hope you all liked my comparison Post, as i know the blogosphere has been bombarded with the Oh so Special Swatches... With regards to which palette is better and which to go for.. I wouldnt be able to pick and Im glad I own Both, as you can create lots of different Looks with each one!! Oh So Similar? Or Oh so Special... What do you think?



  1. I noticed some smiliar colours between some of my sleek palettes too x

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post, at least not all the colours are identical! & if you run out of one you'll have a back-up! I'm so tempted to buy the Oh-so-special palette xxx


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