♥ Colour Works Palette Swatches ♥

Doesnt it Look amazing! Look at all those colours!! *Swooon* 
So anywho... im sure you all know who or what colourworks is... if not.. Its a superdrug brand of makeup that comes around during christmas time... They always have great gift sets which I stock up on and Give to people throughout the year!Infact I think I still have a Lip set which I got like a year or two ago with about 4 lip palettes, lipsticks and glosses...

Colourworks is such value for money as they are really cheap... Im not sure exactly what this palette retails at But i know its as cheap as chips! 

First of all the packaging of the product is what I love most! As with all my other palettes... Sleek, 88 palette, stila to name a few... they all have opaque lids, so i cant see the colours inside until I open it Up.
As you can see above the lid is transparent and boy does it look great!! Its so much easier for me to decide what colours I need... Sometimes Il just pick this palette up becuase I cant be bothered to look through the rest... (Note for any brands wishing to make a palette)

Take a Look at those colours!! They are perfectly Suited to the Christmas Season as They are so Dinnerparty esq!! I love the subtle shimmeryness and some colours also Look foil ish... If I can say that... The eyeshadows are really well pigmented, and Lasting power is also up to standard! 
Its a shame they dont have any names... as that would have been the icing on the cake!


 So what do you guys think Of the Palette? Yay Or Nay... Will you be getting one.. Or getting someone else One?



  1. ooh I want this NOW!!! wish superdrug would hurry and get it on them swatches look amazing x


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