♥ Superdrug Lashes ♥

Earlier This week I was Invited down to The London Eye to preview Superdrugs New Own brand Lashes! We Jumped into one of the Pods and the lash applications Started! 

We managed to get a whole pod to ourselves, and We were spoilt for choice as to what sort of eyelashes we wanted! There were so many to chose from! I dont wear Eyelashes too Often, as I find them So hard to apply and when I do manage to get them On they feel so heavy. I didnt want too overdone, But I wanted obvious ones so I went for these...

They Surprisingly felt so Light as I wasnt expecting that at all, and I got them applied around half 4 and They lasted Until well after 10pm!! Sometimes I even forgot I had them On! Now thats saying something As i dont like too heavy things on my eyes!

 I look so Horrible In this Picture But I just wanted to Put it Up to show You guys what it Looks Like... And Heres A few Snaps! Im such a crap photographer So No amazing photography!

 Look at all those little people that Look Like ants! Hehe!! Awh, Such a Proud Londoner Me!! :)



  1. The lashes look fab on you and what a lovely idea for an event! x

  2. Great place to hold an event!

    Love the lashes on you - very beautiful :)

  3. these looks amazing on!

  4. looks like a fab day and these look amazing you have really pretty eyes!

  5. :O I was on the same pod as you! xx


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