♥ Superdrug Christmas preview 2011 ♥

So this is my first time trying to blog off my phone with a new app and I hope it bloody well works!!

Last week I attended superdrugs christmas in july event, and got to preview some of the collections and little goodies they will be bringing out in October!! I don't know about you guys but I love it when it comes around to that season and there are so many gift sets and cute little Girly things that you can pick up! Especially the makeup sets! Superdrug are bringing out their Studio make up sets which have a variety of different "looks to create" and also some fab lashes!!

Dont the colours look fab?!

They also has loads of other cute things like the clubworks range, which you could probably tell in the name has something to do with say, Clubbing!! There are many bright vibrant colours in this range, which i would love to have in my collection!!

Look at that palette! Deffo going to get my hands on that!

They also had colourworks, which i am sure most of you are familiar with as it's been there for quite a while! And every year I manage to pick something up! They have bought out a few more newbies which I am sure you will love!

They have this amazing eye shadow palette with really good pigmentation and I think everyone needs one of these!! And at the price it is ( which I'm not 100% sure but it's cheap! ) it would be a crime not to have one!!

I also got my nails did! Well one nail.. With GOSH's new glitters and they are so cool! You just paint your nails and dip it in the pot! Simples!!

They are also releasing a new range of superdrug own brand perfumes which actually smell really divine, and I got complimented on flutter so many times I have lost count!!

Here's a few more pics from the day...

Hope you liked this post! And make sure you visit superdrugs in october when everything is out so you don't miss out on any of the goodness!! I will defiantly be stocking up!!



  1. the pictures are a bit blurry or this would look really good xx


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