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Says it all in the name!! Ez!! (easy) lol! In the picture above it has the strings removed as i forgot to take a picture before I applied it... Silly me :) but il try and find a picture and insert it below.
Source: Kiss website
The eyelashes were really easy to apply as I am so inexperienced with lashes and manage to always get glue all Orr my eyes with the end results being a sticky mess with still no lashes on! All I had to do was to stick glue on the lashes, and a little on my lash line and pull the stings onto my lashline... Simple as that!

It stayed on pretty much all day, and it looked fantastic!! Got a few compliments that day, if I must say :) I would defiantly invest in a pair as their not expensive at all, and you can use it a few times before they expire if I can use that term.. Although you won't have the strings after the first use the eyelashes are still useable :) here's an FOTD x

Sharmin ♥


  1. Oh wow! The look so nice and wispy :) Pretty!

  2. wow they look so pretty and long!you look lovely x

  3. Awh thank you dolls, for the sweet comments! x

  4. I think I need some of these EZ lashes, I'm useless at applying them!

  5. Cute eyelashes! They look amazing on you. :)

  6. They're fab aren't they! You can put the strings back through and re use them too xx

  7. Looks fab! :) Im addicted to fake lashes, love them :) havent tried these ones tho. I usually wear lashes from Ardell and Red Cherry :)

  8. hey you are looking so sweetly beautiful....
    <3 your look with falsies...


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