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Not so long ago I was invited down to Illamasqua to preview their New Skin Base foundation inspired by the Infamous Beauty Balm, aka BB creams that everyone seems to be talking about. Truth be told, I didnt event know what a "BB cream" was, and even though I felt a little stupid asking, I had to ask what it was on twitter. 

Thats when I found out that Illamasqua were releasing a foundation that is quite similar to the BB creams. They held a drop in event where I went and they told me a little about the whole concept. They are the First brand to release something like this in the U.K, and they have tweaked the formula Just a little. 

They have removed the SPF from it as it is said to add shine to the face especially in photography. As far as I have used it, this is not entirely true, as my face does become quite shiny when I use it, but i wont complain as i Like a bit of shine, but if your a Matt person, you would have to powder it down!

They have also removed the whitening agent which is one of the main attractions if you'd like for the BB creams. The reason for this is, that they have quite a wide range of colours (18 to be exact) and after say shade 11 or so the foundations start to have a grey tinge to it, therefore they have removed it. 

When I was there they matched me with a Shade 11, Pink and Yellow Undertones. The match was perfect and blended well into my skin. They provided me with a sample, which to be honest was a bit too small for me to be able to review, as it was only 5ml, but I took quite a liking to it, and ended up buying the full size bottle, which retails at £25/30ml. In my opinion this is quite pricey, but you only need a small amount to cover the entire face, so its justifiable. 

Illamasqua claim to smooth, soften and condition your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage. It does smooth, soften and condition my skin, but this is because my skin is naturally quite smooth. I have noticed, that when I use this foundation and I havent ex-foliated for a few days, it does not provide the same results as when I do exfoliate. I would describe the coverage as quite full, as it does seem to give me quite a flawless finish. One of the downfalls to this foundation is that it is slightly heavy, but then I suppose it would be as the coverage is quite full.  

I have been using this foundation quite a lot since I bought it and I do love the coverage it gives and the flawless HD looking finish it gives, although I think I am going to be saving this for special occasions, as its a bit too much for everyday use, and I dont want to waste it lol. I am a really Savvy shopper and wouldnt usually spend this much on a foundation! I dont think This foundation  will suit all people, as it might be a bit flakey on some, and it might also look cakey if you dont have much elasticity in your skin.

Have any of you guys tried this, let me know your thoughts, or any questions you have in the comments Bee-Low :)



  1. I was just reading Nicolavc86's review on this and she didn't rate it highly. Shame, I was intrigued but think I'll give it a miss.
    Good review though :-) x

  2. ive not heard anything good about it either really.. x

  3. Has it actually improved the condition of your skin? Cause I thought that's what BB Creams do... :S


  4. I wanted to love this so much - it looks really nice on my skin, and I love the no SPF factor for photos (vain, much?!) but it just doesn't last long enough on me :(


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