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Hello Ladies! Ayshe, From Discovering Beauty Has Taken Over my Blog Today So without much ado, I shall hand it over to her!

To begin with I want to give a huge thank you to Pink SweetSz for allowing me to do a guest post. It took me a long time to decide what to do and then I had a burst of inspiration in the form of J.Lo and the L’Oreal campaign for the glam shine lip-glosses.

I think she looks stunning in the ad, the makeup is quite simple and very wearable and I love the colour of the lip-gloss she is wearing. For my skin tone it is not a colour I would normally gravitate too, but I decided to buy it and try it out.
The shade is Aqua Mandarin (orange). I chose the fresh option, which is not shimmery although there is a shimmer version available.

A little disappointingly the gloss is sheerer than I imagined. In most lighting conditions it looks much more like a clear gloss but I found when outside more of an orange tint could be seen. Considering the gloss is marketed for summer/beach time, I imagine it will look beautiful on holiday/in the sunshine, plus the sweet fruity smell reminds me of summer. The gloss is not too sticky and feels hydrating on the lips. I haven’t had a chance to test the longevity fully, but a few hours in and I can still feel it, which is a good sign.

For my face I used my usual Bella Pierre foundation in the shade cinnamon and contoured very slightly with my bourgeois mineral radiance in shade 5. I wanted to interpret the look as best I could, so I used my Sleek ‘Avoir le Peche’ palette for the orange/peach tones on the rest of the skin.
On my eyes I kept it quite simple, with sandstone on the lid and a mixture of persimmon and redstone across the entire crease, making sure to blend well. I wanted to have a hint of orange/peach to be seen in the crease with the lid more neutral.

Although there is a hint of orange feathering on the eyes, the main feature is black liner across whole upper and lower lash lines, which is one thing I can replicate!

Regretfully I never picked up the blush that went with the collection, thinking it would be too bright. Instead I used the eye shadow palette again and went for tangelo, which reminds me the most of the shade. Again a lot of buffing and blending was necessary and I actually really like the result. Very relieved I don’t look like I have been tangoed!

I hope you all enjoyed and thank you for reading.
Discovering Beauty x
So Thats It From Ayshe, and I hope you all enjoyed her Post!! I must try and use the Eyeshadows as a blush as I really Love peachy toned Blushes! Good Idea :D You can catch more of Ayshe, on her blog
Or talk to her On twitter http://twitter.com/#!/curly_aysh 



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