♥ Darphin Mela Perfect ♥

Darphin Mela perfect is a Gel that is supposed to reduce dark marks on your face. My face is pretty much one colour, and I didnt want to start testing this on my skin without reason, so I though the best person to use this on would be the mother! My mum does have a few dark areas on her face, so it was convenient for her to test. 

Prior to using this my mum had smooth skin, (thanks to a special something I will be writing about soon) which was well moisturised and nourished. I then handed her this little pink tube, and told her to start using it, and let me know how she got on with it. 

After about two days of using it, she told me that her skin had become really dry and flakey, especially on her forehead. Although She said this, I thought maybe its because shes just started using it, so I told her to keep using it for another two weeks. As the first week came to an end, it had only gotten worse so she stopped using it, and returned to her  old routine, which made her skin normal again!  

I dont think think this little tube is for everyone, and I would defiantly ask for a sample or something before buying it, as it does retail at a hefty £57 if I can remember correctly if not then its something around that price. 

I cant say that it doesnt remove dark spots, as my Mum didnt test it long enough to report the results, so If someone has used it, and It does do that, then id love to hear about it! 

Onto the Product! Its a Gel type formula and It feels really Nice on the skin. Doesnt feel sticky or greasy, which is always a plus in my books! Its not too thick either. The bottle has a pump dispenser so its quite easy to control the amount of substance that comes out.

The packaging is simple and effective! I like the pinkness of it, and the compactness of it. 

If you guys have used this let me know how you got on with it. x



  1. I bought that a while ago, I don't see any difference on my spots :(


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