♥ Mini Haulage ♥

Just a Few Bits and Bobs I picked Up recently...
Natural Collection lipsticks... Well.. I popped my boots card into the Machines in boots and one of the offers was £2 off any lipstick.. At that moment in time there wasnt anything specific I wanted So i though Let me just find something thats £2 and get it.! I printed off two vouchers By mistake, and I didnt think They would both work, but I thought hey let me try.. and to my pleasant surprise It did :D So I ended Up getting 2 :) For free.. So the moral of the story is, Everytime you go into boots, make sure you check your offers! 

The Models Own nail polished were from a blog sale (lilmissgiggles), I got a few weeks ago and I got the Lot for £5 and She threw in a Free Nails Inc Nail Polish, because She is a sweet heart :)

Superdrug were having a 2 for £4.99 Offer or BarryM nail polishes, and I was Looking for peach melba In every boots, and I failed to find it, so I ended Up getting it In superdrugs..Along with Blueberry Ice cream, which Now completes My Ice cream collection :) 

And The CK Foundation came from Emma Who was giving away her makeup that she didnt want on twitter and I asked for the CK foundation, and It matched My skin Perfectly! Thanks Emma :D x

So thats All from my Haul... Sorry for not posting in so Long.. But with all this blogger glitchyness Going on, I didnt want to bother, just so It could get taken Down again!!



  1. Fantastic haul. Love the nail polish colours x

  2. Nice haul! Loving the nail polishes

  3. what colour were the lipsticks?!

  4. what a lovely cute haul, i cant wait to see all these pretty soft shades on your nails xx

  5. Love the Barry M ice cream shades,
    had a play with my berry icecream shade the other day, check out my blog to see it

    Love models own nail polish too, the pastel colours are gorgeous!

  6. I never check the offers but I'm definitely going to now! xx

  7. Ooh, which two Natural Collection lipsticks did you buy? They both look gorgeous!
    I've never actually worked out how to use the Boots machine haha and I didn't even know you could get offers! Will have to check it out next time I go.
    Also lovely nail polish colours :D xx

  8. I have been looking for peach melba everywhere, its sooo hard to track down! I'm currently wearing blueberry ice cream and its a gorgeous baby blue:)

  9. Wish we had those Natural Collection lipsticks here, they are soooo pretty!

  10. Wow, you got some BARGAINS there!!!! x


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