♥ Kiss Nail Art Stickers ♥

Seeing as though we were Given Some Kiss Nail Art At the NBBE, I thought Why not try it out, and must I say it looks FAB! It looks really nice and Neat and application was a treat! You just peeled the Sticker off the Sheet and Applied it to your nails! Simples :)

They stayed on for most of the day, But not ideal if your planning on having the perfect manicure throughout the week! (even day)

Overall I would say they are good as far as patterns and application go, for for longievity there not th best. This can be easily overcome if a simple coat of Clear nail polish, or topcoat is applied :)



  1. Hii I love these nailart stickers and use them alot . They stay on for about 4 days for me when I apply a topcoat on them =))


  2. Thank You rachel :)
    @Deborah I need to try them With Topcoat on now :) x

  3. That looks lovely, looks like you've forked out for an expensive manicure! x

  4. They look so cute, love the colour of that polish too. Jude xx @jadlgw

  5. Oh they look lovely! Really loving using the nail stickers as a quick & easy way to jazz up the nails. You placed them really nicely too, unlike yours truly who always ends up making it look like I placed them blind folded!! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  6. love the peach and white combination :)



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