♥ Sleek True Colour Lipstick ♥

I love them! Thats all I can say Lol! These are the New Lipsticks That Sleek has released. And i just Love them!! The packaging is... well Sleek Lol! Plain Back Tubes, with Black Shiny Writing! Love it... Simple Yet effective. I love the fact that there Not very Long and there quite compact. They Retail at £4 So its not going to break the bank :) 

Theres Quite a Variety there I must say! Theres So many more colours that Im lusting Over, and Seeing as there 2 for £6 Over at supergrugs, I might just have to go and Buy a few More!! 

                (L-R) Amped, Stiletto, Peaches and Cream, Papaya Punch

As You can See I have been Using them Quite a lot since I got them, and I love them.... Amped, stiletto and papaya Punch are Mattes, But I found them To be really Moisturizing on the lips. A lot of Matte Lipsticks drag on the Lips, and Make them Look really Dry, But I love the way these Look on My lips! Esp Amped.. Its not as scary as It looks on the Bullet...

These are a Few Swatches, In the same Order as Above, But these were applied with quite a heavy hand, So If you want a Lighter Touch, then Apply lightly :) 

 My Fav Combo Or way to wear it is mixing papaya punch and peaches and Cream!! It makes sucha lovely more wearable colour for the day. I love this!! I think Everyone can make it wearable/Match their Skin, By adding more papaya punch, or more peaches and cream to the Mix!! 
Amped, Papaya punch, and Peaches and Cream are Must haves... Stiletto Is one that you can skip in my opinion, But everyone to their own choice..
I say this because although its a red, its a bit of a Tuned down Red.. Not very Bright, slightly dark toned... So if thats what your looking for the Go for it :) x



  1. I love Peaches & Cream - for me, this is an ideal nude peachy lip.

    Picked it up a couple of days ago and I just want to wear it 24/7!


  2. Yeah I know!! I love wearing it everyday :) x


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