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I was Tagged By the Lovely Christina, Over at Christina Marie Says.. To do the Handwriting Tag! She tagged me aaages ago, so this is rather delayed :P I also want to apologize for not Blogging in For ages. This is because my Dad has taken my camera on holiday, so Nothing for me to snap with!!
I used my phone to take these Pics, So excuse the quality! 

 (Name +& Blog Name )
 A Lot of you Beauties Dont Know My name Lol, So Here it Is Lol haha! :)

Blog URL (Link) Heres Mine!

Write The Quote
"A Quick Brown Fox Jumped over the Lazy Dog"

(Fav Quote)
Its More of a Song lyric!
But I can So relate to this So <3
Jay Sean, Mary J Blige - Each Tear x

(Fav Song)
Loving this Song at The Mo! 
All The different Versions of it Haha x

(Fav Singers)
Couldnt Think of anymore People, But theres
Loooooadzz More!!

 And For the Last one (Anything you want to say)
I just want to say, that I really appreciate and acknowledge 
all Of my Readers/Friends and Im so Thankful for everyone who
Follows and Reads and Comments On my Posts!
You all make my day :) x

Oh Oh and Please Tell me what you conclude about me and my personality from my handwriting Lol, because I know a lot of people have been comparing their personalities to their Writing. So what do you think Im Like? Lol x



  1. I lurvee your handwriting. I'd say your were girly, organised and very tidy :D haha! x

  2. You have beautiful handwriting. Very cute tag x x

  3. Such cute handwriting!! Love Gyptian <3 xxx

  4. Your writing is adorable - really cute! x

  5. Like everyone else, I think, cuteness! x x

  6. Awh Thank you girlies!! I think My writing is overweight But Thaank you sweeties :) x

  7. I think your handwriting is really fun and cute :D

  8. cool blog! love your handwriting!

    Xisses Onyxsta

  9. You're handwriting is so girlie and cute, which I totally think reflects your personality! xoxo


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