♥ Dress Me In Daisies ♥

So The beautiful Lilo, from Le Petit Jardi De Liloo (Dont you just love the name) was looking for someone to show her how to make daisy Chains!!
I dont know about you all, But whenever the Sun comes out and I see a few daisies You can Bet your A** Off that You will see Me dressed In daisies Lol!

So heres How to make them...

Collect a Bunch Of daisies... As many as You want Depending on how long you want your Chain To be. Try and get ones with Thick stalks, as It will be easier to make, but thats not too Important... Try and get the stalks to be the same height, Or just cut them down to make your chain Look nicer, but thats not too Important either :)

Hold the end of the stalk/ stem whatever its called and make a slight hole with your thumb.. Like the way it is above :) It should Look a bit like the way a Needle is, but on a larger and less sharper scale :D  (Click on the picture to make it larger)

Thread the end of another daisy Into the hole you created in the first daisy...

 Pull the end of the stalk all the way in until the head of the flower cant get through.
And repeat the Process with the end of the New daisy!
Keep adding more on until you reach the required length.  :)

Lol oh and make sure you get nice daisies lol, Not wilted ones like mee haha! 



  1. so cute. Daisies remind me of my childhood <3

  2. Ahh this takes me back to primary school sitting in the fields at every opportunity making daisy chains :)


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