♥ Bit a Little Batiste In it!! ♥

I know Im a Little late on the Dry shampoo bandwagon, But Hey what can you do! I have never felt the Need for dry shampoo if Im honest, But now It seems as though my hair is getting greasier Really fast!

When I was at the NBBE, I was given a Bottle to Try out, and I can say that Since then I have repurchased it twice Lol! I love the Smell of this Bottle! Im not the best at describing smells, So I dont want to describe and You go buy it and it turns out to be something completely Different!! Haha Oh and I was too scared to purchase any of the other ones! I know weird but what can be done! 

I am In Love with It now!! I use it all the time, and I just dont know how I lived without!! All you do is Take the can and spray it around 30cm away from your hair and brush the product out after!
Eliminates that greasy Look without the Need of a proper wash!! 

Batiste Have Recently released a New Dry shampoo In celebration of the Royal Wedding!! I know the whole of england is Going mad! But atleast we can say we were a part of it in years to come!
Anywhoooo Onto the Bottle...

With the Union Jack all Over it! Dont you Just love it! It looks very fresh and Smells It too!! Its avaliable in Superdrugs as far as I know, maybe Boots, but dont count on it!
Make sure you go pick up this Royal wedding inspired Can, And Join in with the Celebration!!



  1. I love dry shampoo, it's literally a hair saver! I used to have to wash my hair every other night but now thanks to this I can wash it every 2-3 days! x

  2. I've never actually tried dry shampoo personally, but I've heard it's really good! :) Maybe its time for me to jump on the bandwagon too haha! Great post! xx


  3. I couldnt care less of the royal wedding batiste edition but i do love the sound of the boho one. such a cute picture composition you did as well with the photo. cute xx

  4. I always use the pink one. I first used dry shampoo at Reading Festival 1992!!!!

    I get greasy roots a day ater washing but the rest of my hair can go another day, so I always use Batiste. I use the pink one.


  5. I really like the new batiste dry shampoo for brunette's, a really great product x


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