♥ BB Couture Nail Polish Review ♥

Im always On the Lookout for New Nail polishes which are long lasting, and have a good range of Colours! I discovered BB couture a Few Months ago and Cannot Tell you Enough about how Much I Love Them! They have a vast range of Colours and The Longevity of the Nail polishes are Beyond Good!
I had been wearing "Christmas Blue" (The middle One) Recently and was surprised at how Long it lasted on my nails; and that too with No top or base coat! The Two Square Bottles are For Men, But I thought Id try them Anyway, and The Round bottle is for women.

As You can See it Is a Glitter Polish! And For a Glitter Polish it is rather opaque! This was achieved with 2 coats!! And It just looks Immense!!
This nail polish lasted me 4 days with No base coat or top coat, and even after 4 days It didnt chip!! I just had to Remove it Because I just cant Do the same nail polish on my nails For ages Lol!

As for removing the Polish it was a treat!! I usually hate removing Glitter Polishes and They're so hard to remove and theres always some that remains around the edges, but this one just came off straight away!! 

The application was pretty good too! It wasnt amazing, or have any special Curved brush Etc, but it did apply my nail polish Nicely. It was quite small So it did the sides Nicely and Didnt leave my nail polish Looking streaky. 

I didnt manage to Get a Picture when I was wearing this on my hands because thats when my camera went on holiday lol, But heres a swatch! Tis a lovely Redish pink Colour and Would Look So good In this Season!! I usually hate wearing Reds On My nails for some reason But I found this really wearable!! Its a sort of In your face but not in your face at the same time... Geddit? No? Ah well... The Consistency of this was the same as the Blue one! Not Gloopy, and Not runny! just fine !!

The Cons to this Nail polish is the Packaging.. Im not too keen on the Look, as It looks pretty standard, and it isnt shouting anything out at me.. The mens bottle is still better than the womans. Round bottles with a smaller handle just dont do it For me... If your going for round bottles, them The gosh Ones look pretty Nice.. But maybe thats just down to personal preference. Mind you they Do have to  be a bit big considering they Hold 13.5 Ml of polish inside :D

 Anyway ladies, thank you if youve read all the way to the End of this Post! And I shall Write to you soon :P 

Oh oh and you can get your very own BB couture nail Polish Here 



  1. I'm so glad you got your 300 followers!

    You are so right about glitter polish usually being difficult to remove.


  2. @caroline Thanks for you Comment and thanks for Helping me get to 300!!

  3. The blue one looks really pretty on your nails! x

  4. LOVE the reddish pink..gorgeous color

    --kisses ♥

  5. They are gorgeous colours, never heard of them before this! x

  6. oooh those colours are beautiful, I especially love the blue glitter one! xoxo

  7. your nails look so impeccable. yes, the bottle look a bit naff, what a shame, such a gorgeous product inside!! this blue is to die for. how much is this, where do it get it? will you tell me on twitter, please pretty please?
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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