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So I couldn't really not Pick up a copy of Glamour this Month as their giving Clinique Minis away, but to Be fair there was not really much I wanted, which Is why I only ended up getting 1 copy...(The makeup remover)  I also wanted the eye cream, but I couldn't find that anywhere, and most people has ripped the freebie out and left the magazine! Jheez people Its only £2 No need to thieve!!

So I thought Id try this Out, as I havent tried this yet, and Will somebody please tell me why the bubbles Just chill in the middle instead of at the top like all other products, im guessing its something to do with oil and water because when I used it first time, my face was left with grease All over it!! 

So this is pretty much a pointless post, but Just thought Id write it anyway!! Did anyone get any magazines? Views On Clinique?



  1. I still need to go out and buy this! I keep forgetting and I bet they will all be gone by the time I get around to it...

  2. hey hun you have to shake up the make-up remover before you use it to mix the two parts together :) hope that helps chick xxx


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