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Hey Ladies and Gents if there are any :P I Recently Went into boots because I was bored and Im sad like that LOL, and thought Id go over to the BarryM counter whilst they Still had the 2 for £5 Offer on and Ended up getting Two Nail Paints :)

The Pink Is just so cute the spring, and I recently got Berry Icecream and I loved it so I thought Id try this one and see where it takes me :D
Oh and the Instant Nail Effects?? I dont really like it To be perfectly Honest, but I thought id get it So i could jut have it, and who knows It may grow on me!! 

After I bought those They gave me one of those No.7/Rubby and Millie vouchers, and I didnt really know what to get from No.7 So I thought Id pop over to the Ruby and Millie Counter to see what they had on offer, and to my surprise Everything was Reduced!! Apparently this is becuase Ruby and Millie are leaving boots! So all of you Ruby and Millie lovers out there... STOCK UP! Lol 

So any way.. This is what I got, and it totaled to 50p after using the voucher!!
Oh and bear in mind they Had NOTHING left!!!

There was only These left!! and Some other proper mashed up stuff!! The Gold was the last one and there were a few purples! 

So that Finishes my little haul... Have any of you guys seen the Ruby and Millie sale? oh and this is my first Ruby and Millie purchase, so have any of you used them Before?  Please let me know :) x



  1. I have r that Barry M colour, its lovely.
    I've never tried Ruby & Millie xx

  2. Hey hey!! i was just reading your blog on this whole no7 voucher thing! so i popped into boots just before work today and tried to purchase the ruby and millie stuff to find out that i was told i couldnt use them??? :/ im confused. did you actually use your voucher on the reduced stock? xx


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