♥ Ring Love 1 ♥

Similarly to the Necklace Love Post, Im going to show you Rings that Im currently wearing and Love At the moment :) x

 Love "Love" Jewellery! The First ring I think is my most worn of recent! Just goes with everything and anything!! Second ring is when I feel Like a likul girl :D and the Third Ring is when I feel glamorous!! 
2.New Look
3.From My Nan


P.S. Do you guys Like short posts with less words, Or do you want more posts with lots of writing? Let me know please :) x 


  1. I have that love ring :D xx

  2. I had the second one too but it was too big for me so I gave it to my Mum :( x

  3. That LOVE ring is cute, I want it :D where is it from?


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