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Hiyaaaa Ladies and Gents... So As you can already tell from my previous post, I have totally been taking advantage of the boots 2 for £5 offer on Barry M Nail Paints!! So I went and Got a few more... And a few other things :D

Dont Yah Just Love them!!

After Buying the Barry M I got a £5 Voucher and didnt know 
what else to get so I ended Up getting Another EyelashCurler 

I went to a Boots outlet recently and Picked up this Mascara for
£1 What a Bargain Right? And its actually really Good!
Will be Doing a Review on it soon :D 

Ok and Eveyone On the blogosphere Is
mad talking about Models Own Fuzzy Peach (R)
So I had to get it, becuase I actually dont own a nail polish 
in the Orange toned family :\
I found this one on ebay, with the other one with it, and it was 55p
For both with £2.00 Postage! NOT BAD!! 

I also Bought this Suede Type Hand thing from this shop 
in Stratford, called TIGER, but we call it the Mini Ikea..
It was £2!!

And Last but now least.... Postcard Box
with 17 Nail polish, mascara and Lipgloss inside it.
It was £1.50!! From the same boots outlet! 



  1. Where is this Boots Outlet!! haha


  2. Its in Beckton Hun x Tweet me, Il give you more detail x

  3. LOve it all! I have the Barry M polishes and the Fuzzy Peach one! That 17 set is so cute! I love a good make up haul! xx

  4. @Zoe... Thank you Hun!! The 17 set was such a bargain! Should have really got one for the Blog! But oh well next time :) x

  5. I LOVE that Collection 2000 mascara, it was really good! x

  6. @Xtina Yeah It was!! Im going to do a review on it :D x

  7. Barry M polishes are the best :)x

  8. @Corrie Yess Yess!! Took the words Right out of my mouth :D

  9. That boots outlet looks amazing! If you go again pick up the hot cloth cleanser its amazing and at £2 omg haha xxx

  10. i love the nail polish colours!!!!



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