♥Lush The Comforter Review ♥

So I haven't Done one of these Lush reviews Yet, So I thought Why not Do one!
I know theres Like a million reviews on Lush Products out there, But heres My take on it :)
I love anything Sweet Smelling So I went for the Obvious Choice
 *The Comforter* 
The Comforter is a Bubble bar which Smells *Divine*!! Its sort of a bubble Gum smelling thingy thing With sort of fruity Undersmells :)
It just reminded me of the School Playground days When we use to munch Sweeties :D
The Smell lasted for a While On my skin after I got out of the bath, Which was great because It smelt Lovely and it left my skin feeling Soooo Soft!! 

Now onto the Pictures....

Now its way too big to use in one bath and for £4
A bit expensive too!
So I cut it up into smaller pieces :)

There we Go, Now that seems like a more
reasonable size....

Especially as It produces So many Bubbles!!

 Crumble it Under the Running tap 

And let the magic Commence :D
See how my bath has gone Pink :)  

 Wahoo See the amount of Bubbles!!
Imagine If I used the whole Bar... That would
Be a crazy amount of Bubbles!!

Anyway I  hope you all liked my little Lush review..
Its a really sweet Smelling Bubble gummy smell and any girly girl would Love it!! It is defiantly a Re-purchase for me because I loved it so Much!
Oh and can you guys recommend any other products that I may Like?
 Sweet Chocolate/Sweet smelling Products?
Oh and also what do you think Is better? Bubble bars.. Or bath ballistics?

All My love



  1. Wow! that looks amazing! I might get some, i love the smell of bubblegum hehe

    x x x

  2. Ah i can't wait to try this one out. I haven't used mine just yet. Deffo gonna cut it up like you did. Fab review! x

  3. @Alisha - yeah Its the Best one I think x
    @christina- You gave me the Idea of cutting them Up Lol x

  4. ha thats quite a cool photo selection, good idea! I have a beauty blog too :-)


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