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L.A Colours is an American brand of nail Polish and Until recent I hadnt ever seen them In the U.K!! But a while Ago I went westfield and Discovered a beauty shop that does stock them... Its actually more of a perfume shop... I dont know if any of you guys have been there, theres a shop which sells discounted perfume and a little bit of makeup and nail polish...near superdrugs??
Oh Never mind lol...
Anyway I walked into there that day and thought Id get a few to try, I only bought 4 the first time as it was my first time trying them and I didnt know whether they would be good or not...

These are the Colours I got, And I cant for the love of me remeber all the names... the blue one is called wired and the one next to it, The greeny one is called aaah shahoot i forgot... Anyway When I first tried these I didnt fall in love with them, but as I used them A bit more I did start to develop a liking :)
You have to apply atleast 2 coats,  for a completely opaque look!!
They are quite a thin consistency hence all the coats! And they take long to dry, but once they are dried the colour looks Amazing!! You should Apply a top coat because they do chip quite easily...But they are mega hard to take off!! Wierd that Lol...

So I went again Yesterday and Got some more, as I thought They are really cheap so Worth the price!!
Oh Did I forget to say they Were 99p Each! Yep You heard it right...
For 99p they are very good Lol...

So I bought 6 more Yesterday... and Erm... again I dont think I will remeber all the colours... 
Starting from the Left.. The purple one is "Fun in the Sun", The creamy one is "Mega Watt" the Green One is "Atomic" the orange one Is  "Magnetic Force" the Blue one is "Splash" and the Pink one is "Pink Satin" I think :P
Lol these names may not be accurate but thats what I can remember :D
Oh the Best one out of these Has to be The orange one.!!
Its not actually Orange Lol, It just looks orange in the picture, Its more or a pinky redish colour with goldish Orangy shimmer...! Its so beautiful and Has a full time Job on my nails in the Summer!!
For all you nail polish lovers and even the casual Wearers Magnetic Force Is a must buy for the summer!!!
Theres 2 I wouldnt reccomend is PinkSatin and Mega Watt becuase they are Very Sheer.. But might be good as undercoats... :)

So heres My Full Collection Of these :) I now have 10 of these, and all together they were under £10 !! I love the Packaging... They look more expensive than the 99p they are!!
They almost Look like there from the same Family tree as OPI Lol....
So Be watching this space For swatches and NOTD's :) 

Have any of you guys tried L.A Colours? Will You be trying it in the future?
Let me know Below :) 



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