♥ Charm Factory Engraved Charms Review ♥

These Little Charms Are Ah-Mazing!! They are so cute, and have very intricate detailing! Angie From charm factory contacted me asking me whether I would like to sample some of their New engraved Charms! I thought this would be great because theres so many things you can do with charms!! So she sent me a few...
 LOL, So this is in the style Of a Tiffanys Pendant, Now I didnt ask for this because I wanted to copy Tiffanys, Because Under the Please return to it has My Name :) But I rubbed that Out becuase I didnt want to reveal my name... I dont know why I have this Name secrecy thing But I do.... :)

Oh and You can Write anything You want on them Or you can even Get a logo Drawn On. The Diamond Tip Engraver Does what Laser Engravers cant :) The one I got was really Tiny So I was amazed at the detailing! 

I Received a charm factory charm bracelet a while ago. And you can attach these charms To those; Infact any bracelet you have...

This Was the original Bracelet I had....
Its really cute With little Heart charms Dotted around it! 
I did add a few charms to it, but then I took them all off because It looks much more Simpler and cuter with just hearts :)
Luckily My New charms were also hearts :D

 They also sent a Cloth to wipe the charms With, becuase You need to take care of silver for It to stay shiny :) So thoughtful aren't they!

Heres A few ways You could use them... 
On a charm bracelet (The obvious Choice)
A phone Charm... I added it to my Shoe :) If ever My phone gets Lots They can return it to me Lol... Doubt that would happen though!
And On a Necklace... I have noticed That a lot of the Current Season Necklaces (The more smaller ones) Always Have a little charm or something of the sort on the side of the necklace, The way I've Shown above...
Theres Lots of places to use them, But these are just  few Ideas...

 Oh and You can Add One charm To the bracelet if You Like... (As seen in the Top Picture) Oh and Dont ask me why theres a flower Lol... It was random, But i didnt like it Soo I removed it :)
Or You can dot a few between the other charms and You have a more Fuller and evenly dispersed bracelet :)

You can purchase Your Own charms From Here:

Oh Oh and you can also Buy a few and then Write a message on them, and gift them To people on birthdays or other occasions, and It will always Have your personal Stamp on them :)  

What do you guys think?
Like the Idea of personalized Charms...

Oh and Angie.. If your reading this.. Thank You :) x 



  1. these bracelets are so pretty :)

    I am a new follower and I have to say that you have an amazing blog :). do check out mine too.




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