♥ Wacky Beauty Tips! ♥

Hey everyone, So we have all heard of some wacky beauty tips before in the past and have always wondered weather they work or not...

So here are some Of the crazy tips....

First One Is applying glue over your blackheads to pull them out?
Some people think that when i dries it sticks to the blackheads and pulls them out but this is not the case and dermatologists believe that it could worsen matters for your skin.
If you want to get rid of blackheads just use blackhead removing strips.! :)

Wacky Tip Number 2... Spraying/rolling antiperspirant to prevent blisters and stinky feet.. :S
Eeew who came up with this??
Well whoever it is is a genious Becuase it really does work lol.. So Pull out that anti perspirant and start Spraying and rolling ...um.... Between your toes? haha

Tip Number 3: Soak your feet in oats to stop itching and dry skin..Well Cummon people your feet need breakfast too!!
This really does work! It leaves your feet soft and itch free :)

Next Tip...Um..Applying hemorrhoid cream under your eyes to reduce bags!
Some people swear by it and say thats it always works for them, but it isnt actually good for you.
A good alternative which is healthy for your under eyes is cooled tea bags :).... Tea has an ingrediant which extracts the water from under your eyes to reduce swelling...
Like people say...One mans rubbish is another mans treasure... but in this case its your own Lol x

And Last Wacky Tip for today...
Rinsing Your hair with apple cider vineger to get rid of dandruff.
This trick really does send dandruff down the drain.!
Just mix in equal amounts with water and leave in your hair for
about a minute and then wash out  :)
Happy hair days x

xo xo


  1. I LOOOVEEEEE putting green tea on my eyes after a long day. it makes the circles so much lighter. actually, i like any excuse to have my eyes closed for 15 minutes nowadays lol

  2. ooooo... I like the antipersprint on feet. My bf's feet sweat alot so I'm gonna get him to try it out. cool tips of the day for sure!

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  4. ohh i am going to try some of these see if they work

  5. poop works good in removing winkles.

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