The Perfect Pout

Here are some tips to help you get that perfect pout:

For healthy full lips you need to moisturize your lips!

Use a lip balm which is rich in vitamin C and E. Also one that constitutes of glycerin and beeswax.

Expoliate your lips every so often. Exfoliating gets rid of the old skin and replaces is it with new softter skin very quickly. If this is done on a regular basis your lips will stay softer and also look a lot fuller.

If you start to witness lines in the lips, then ensure that you take care of these lines and apply anti aging cream to prevent those lines from appearing. They also make your lips look shriveled and smaller.
Avoid making them dry. They should not be exposed to the sun for a long time and neither to harsh winds. You can apply lip balm from time to time if you are out in the sun.
Also make sure that your mouth is not dry. If your mouth is, you can be certain that your lips are dry too. Drink plenty of water when you are out in the sun. That will not only help you keep your lips moist, but also will assist in the general well being of your physical health, reducing any chances of sun stroke or sun burn.
The last step is the basic method of applying lip makeup. You can apply lipstick and then use a lip liner which is a shade darker than the lipstick to outline it. This will make you lips have the pout you want.


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