♥ Collection 2000 pearl nail polish Review ♥

Hey everyone I know I havent done a make up related post in a long time! So Just thought Id do a review on a range of nail polishes I purchased a long time ago but didnt really try till the other day :S
Soooo Anyway...I was walking through superdrugs and saw these nail polishes on the shelf and thought to myself... I have to get them. There all a pearl Finish and very good quality.
Now Being on youtube and blogger Every Nail polish seems to relate to OPI.. Now being in the U.K I havent actually got to try OPI yet, but would love to.
I would like to say these are a good dupe but I cant!
But they are VERY good Quality and you could get away with one coat, but I applied it twice for the best look.

(:Sorry For my nighty in the background :)
 So Usually when I purchase pearl nail polishes there really sheer and thin but I was so pleasantly surprised with these ones. They were Thick but not gloopy and applied spoothly!
So I have been looking on the bottle and I just cant seem to find any names on them :S
There are just shade numbers....
Reminds me a little of MUA  hmmmm
So It says on the bottle to apply 2-3 coats. But trust me there is no need for anything more than 2!

I actually purchased 8 Nail polishes that day, but have only shown you 5 becuase thats all I have tried so far.
I also have the nail hardner/top coat in 1 and thats really good too.
I have two that I purchased beforebut the shape of the bottles for those are a little diffrent to these.

So Starting from the left (the reddish/pinkish one) the shade is 80. This one is more pinky with a light coat and gets more intense with a red undertone with a thick coat.
The next one(cream) is 270 and I absoloutly love this colour for everyday wear, becuase it gives your nails a really casual but still elegant look and is perfect for work or school if your not supposed to wear lots of colour.
The third one 304 is a sort of darky Pink/purply one with gold shimmery undertone. This nail polish sort of reminds me of Macs LadyBlush.
The Fourth one accross is in 306 and is similar to the one beside it but just a darker colour.
Now the last one is in shade 11. Before I tried this I thought I wouldnt really like it much becuase it looks like a burnt orangey sort of colour and not very me. But it turns out that that one becuase my faviourate. I love this colour. Its like a sort of bronzy gold colour which is stunning. Would definatly recommend it.!

Hope this post helped if your planning on any new nail purchases and would definatly recommed the shade 11 becuase it would be perfect for fall and winter becuase it just reminds me of keeping warm on those dull days.

xo xo


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