MUA (Make Up Academy) Cosmetics Review.

Hey everyone, there's been such a buzz around these Make Up Academy cosmetics recently so I had to try them! The main attraction to these products are that they are just a POUND   :0
Yes you read it correct £1 for each and every item ! Whether its nail polish, mascara, or blusher (many more items available) it a Pound!! Its fantastic for people who are maybe on a budget and want good quality without putting a hole in your pocket! 
Sound Good? Read On !!


The Packaging for these products is really Simple, but its effective and doesn't look cheap or tacky! It looks really clean and not really fussy, sort of what you see is what you get.
So there just the few products I thought I would Buy just to try out and see what all the fuss it about. And I must say it has really pleasantly surprised me because, well due to the price I didn't think they were going to be very good quality but I was wrong!

                        The First three things That caught my eye were the nail polishes!
First thing is none of these products have names, so you just buy the "shade" you want.
The pink one is shade 16, the blue one is shade 9 and the green one is shade 5. My favourite colour out of the three is the green one because it has a matt finish and is very neutral but colourful, if you can have that :S Lol. You get a completely opaque finish if you apply them 2-3 times so I wouldn't say there bad quality. When I saw the products on the website I thought the bottles would be an average sized bottle, but when I went to buy them the I was quite surprised because the bottles were smaller. These bottles are 6.2ml whereas an average bottle would be around 8-10ml, but then again for the price you cant really complain. They do stay on for quite a few days without flaking away so I would say that there very good quality for only one Pound!

The next product I'm going to be talking about is the lipstick.


So I just picked up one lipstick because I wasn't sure how it would be so I didn't really buy more. The packaging once again is really simple without looking cheap. Its just a simple black tube with the silver name. What I really like about these lipsticks is that at the bottom instead of having a sticker showing the colour there's actually a swatch at the bottom which I think is a better indication of the colour. Sometimes when they give a sticker at the bottom it can be quite deceiving because your not getting the colour you see, but because here its a smudge of the actual lipstick you get a true match. 


The shade I picked up was a pink colour in shade 6. When I first opened up the lipstick, it looked like any other lipstick, didn't look like it was cheap lipstick. It looked quite good quality, because some  cheap lipsticks you can tell that they aren't going to be very good quality. The application on the lips is very smooth and it doesn't leave your lips looking flaky or dry. There very moisturising, and just glide onto your lips without dragging your lips. 


The Next Items I bought were two eye shadows in shades 16 (Pinky/creamy) and shade 19(brown). There Both matte products.

There Quite pigmented which is really good considering there just a pound.There really soft and not too powdery so you wouldn't get too much fall out! :D And I have been wearing them quite a lot because they do stay on all day if used with a primer. The eye shadows that I have bought are both matte, but there is also pearl finishes. 
Like I said before the packaging is quite simple again, just flat at the bottom and a clear dome shaped top. I have found a lot of high end dupes to these and I have to honestly say I prefer these ones because they are a little bit more pigmented!

And Last But Not Least, The Blusher!

The Blusher that I picked up was in shade 4. Its a bit of a tawny shade. I thought I would get this shade because I thought it would be the most compatible to my skin tone. I really liked the blusher because when I first used it I kind of put on too much thinking it wouldn't be  very pigmented but it was, so I looked like a clown for a couple of seconds lol. Its really good, you just need to apply it lightly and it will give you the perfect colour. I usually tap it off when I use it, otherwise you would get too much powder on your brush. The only complaint I would have against this is that when you swirl your brush on the blusher the powder does gather up, so you have to be careful in case you tip it over onto your clothes.

Overall I love the products, I think there really good quality and I probably would even pay more for them if they were over a Pound. There available in Superdrug Only, and as you all know superdurgs is only open in the U.K. 


  1. hi,, um are you selling mua products?? im interester in purchasing some.. hope for your response

  2. on the lipsticks the colour swath on the bottom comes off so you have a pot of lip stuff thesame colour as the lipstick.
    apparently it happens with some but not with others

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