Longer Looking Lashes

There are many ways to make your eyelashes look or grow Longer. You Just need to know the tricks and you will have beautiful long lashes In no time. Lashes Make your eyes look beautiful, and the longer they are the better they look.
Because Our eyelashes do not consist of a lot of hair we cant look after them the way we do to our hair. So Shampooing your eyelashes is not the idea! Also because their close to your eyes its quite difficult to treat them without irritating your eyes. If your eyelashes fall out, Or are pulled out by mistake, it takes weeks for them to grow back, so try and be gentle when working with make up.
The Best and most natural way to grow your eyelashes is to protect them from damage. You can do this by keeping them clean, and just splashing water on them. Try and protect them from natural things as well like wind and heat, and you can do this by simply wearing shades or glasses.
One trick is to apply Vaseline on your eyelashes which will stimulate growth. You can easily do this by Putting a little on a make up brush and applying along your lash line, and the eyelashes. After around 5 Minutes you can wash the Vaseline off! The Vaseline provides nutrition to the eyelashes helping them grow. 
You can aslo use olive oil and sweet almond oil in the same way.
Vitamin E helps hair growth, So consuming it will help your hair grow out nice and smooth, But your eyelashes are also hair and vitamin E is good for your eyelashes as well. Simply Crush a vitamin E pill in some water and apply onto your eyelids before going to sleep. Once it gets absorbed it will help them grow.Another good tip is to use a lash grow complex mascara, which would make them look longer, but also stimulate growth. You Could use an eyelash Comb to comb them out which would help keep them clean and also use a eyelash curler, which would make them appear to be longer. 


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