How To Conceal Dark Circles In 4 Easy Steps.

4 Easy Steps:
*conceal with orange/peach concealer*
*Apply Your Foundation*
*Set With Powder*

Theres nothing worse than waking up, and noticing those dark circles and thinking, "Argh gotta spend extra time trying to cover those stupid eye bags! " 
Well not to worry beauties, I have a very simple 4 step procedure to get rid of them in no time at all.

1. Prime Your Under eyes.! And try and use a gel primer so that the make up under your eyes does not cake up! This is Super important so that it stays on all all day and doesn't melt off! So You Just apply that under your eyes and rub it in softy because the area under your eyes is sensitive. This Provides a great base to apply your make up on.

2. The Second Step is to apply the concealer. For maximum effect, use a peach or orange based concealer (depending on your skin tone) because that will help cover up the blueness under your eyes. And again try to use a gel consistency so it doesn't cake up and can be smoothed out. Again rub it in softly. It might look a little bit orange after you've applied it, but that will get covered up in the next step.

3. The third step is just to apply your foundation all over your face including over where you have applied the concealer. Just apply some dots of the foundation on your face and just using a foundation brush, or a stippling brush just blend it all in. 

4. The last step its just to set your make up so it doesn't crease or melt off during the day, and it is really important for you to do this. For this you can just use any translucent powder. A good powder to use would be benefits powderflage as its a light pink colour so it will brighten up the under eyes. You Just need to put a little bit of that onto a powder puff (make sure its a small one)  and rub under your eyes lightly. Don't use too much, or  it might look caked on!

                                                                 Hope That Helped x


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