Back To School EyeMakeUp !

Here's how to do a quick and easy back to school eye make up!
Its Simple, but looks nice and not too overdone for school.

After You have primed and prepared your face, line your eye line with a soft Kohl eye pencil. It can be white or whatever colour you want to use.Make sure you do the line a little bit thick because your going to put liquid eye liner on top, and it needs to be visible above that.

The Next Step is to apply another eye liner below the first one, so you can still see it on top. It Would be best to use a liquid liner because if you use another pencil liner the colours may smudge. 

The Next Step is simply just to apply a mascara. Try and use a mascara that will define and lengthen your lashes. 

The final step is just to apply eye liner on your waterline to give it the completed look. Don't apply it too thickly or smudge it too much, just keep it clean and thin to make it look wearable for school.

Here are the products used for this look.

The First Line was lined with Rimmel soft Kohl pencil in white
The second line was with 17 soft liner pen
Mascara used Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara 
Water Line was lined with Christian Dior Black Soft Kohl Eye pencil


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